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January 2016

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    Dear {Contact_First_Name},

    Happy NewYear!

    As we physically or metaphorically begin a new calendar, one suggestion for a New Year’s resolution is to connect with your fellow grantmakers on our Member-to-Member DiscussionForum.  If you aren’t already participating in it, you can post a question you are seeking information or advice about as well as share your experience by answering someone else’s query.  It is an excellent and easy way to widen your network of savvy grantmakers to the benefit of everyone in the WCGN!  You can subscribe/unsubscribe at this link at any time.

    It is by sharing our best practices that we all become more educated and savvy in our grantmaking.   Don’t miss the last of our three Spotlight Awards highlighted in this issue. You might even find that it’s a program that your community would be interested in!

    Virginia Mills
    WCGN Board Chair



    Monthly Programs

    Don't miss January’s Educational Program 

    Tuesday, January 19 

    from 9 - 10 a.m. PST / noon - 1 p.m. EST

    Members! New Strategies for Getting and Keeping Them!

    Members are the lifeblood of our organizations. It can seem like a constant effort to keep the spinning dishes of new member outreach, development and retention all spinning at the right speeds. We will explore some new ideas and tweak the tried and true ones in this webinar.

     Register here

    Program Moderator: 

    Felice Joyce, Past President, Spirit of St. Louis Women's Fund (St. Louis, MO)


    Bronwyn Belling, Past President, Anne Arundel Women Giving Together (Annapolis, MD)

    Janet Sumner, Co-Chair, Greenville Women Giving (Greenville, SC)

    Remember to extend these webinar annoucncements to your  members who are leaders in your membership and program development.
    While WCGN log on access is intended for the leadership level of your membership (set for 20 per organization), please forward this link to any of your members who you feel would like to listen to our webinars either live or recorded. 
    Guests can register themselves or you may register them on their behalf. An email confirmation will provide the event access.

    February’s Educational Program 

    Tuesday, February 16 

    from 9 - 10 a.m. PST / noon - 1 p.m. EST

    Forming Community Partnerships With Your Grantees

    We often say we would like to form community partnerships with our grantees, but our member organizations take a variety of different approaches to partnering. Is there a line between support and cheerleading that shouldn't be crossed? Between assistance with meeting or measuring goals and doing too much? What are some successful practices?

    Program Moderator: 

    Sue Priester, Greenville Women Giving (Greenville, SC)


    Joanne Cohen, Vice President Philanthropic Services, The Community Foundation for Northeast Florida (Jacksonville, FL)

    Diana Katz, Founder & Board Outreach, Giving Circle of Hope (Reston, VA)


     Register for all past and future webinars here


    Spotlight Awards for Transformational Grantmaking

    Congratulations to Impact 100 of Greater Indianapolisfor being one of the recipients of the “Spotlight Awards” for its funding of a program benefitting people with Parkinson’s disease.

    Impact 100 Greater Indianapolis, founded in 2006, has 186 members with each member contributing $1,000 annually in the areas of: arts and culture, education, environment, family and health and wellness to non–profits serving greater Indianapolis. 

    In 2010, this collective giving group made a $100,000 grant to Rock Steady Boxing (RSB), an organization serving a growing population of men and women fighting Parkinson's disease.

    Rock Steady Boxing was founded in 2006 by Scott Newman, a former County Prosecutor in Indiana, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s at the age of 40.  He operated this successful program out of a small gym and boxing ring in a donated corner of a corporate employee gym. 

    The skills and movements needed for boxing are exactly the same ones with which those suffering from Parkinson’s most struggle.  The RSB exercises were adapted to reinforce and extend the physical capabilities of the participants.  Scott Newman reports that he is more physically capable, more able, 15 years into his disease than he was 3 years into the disease prior to beginning the program.  And his results are not uncommon.

    Rock Steady Boxing offers challenging and fun workouts for those with Parkinson’s as well as a place where the participants can form friendships with fellow boxers who understand the challenges of living with the disease.  However, prior to the Impact 100 Indianapolis grant, it was unclear whether RSB would be able to continue operating and meet the needs of the community it was serving.

    The grant to RSB allowed the organization to open its own larger boxing gym, increase staff, and develop a training program to teach to other fitness organizations.  This would widen the scope of RSB’s goal to serve more people with Parkinson’s.

    There are now over 51 facilities using RSB methods in 20 states, Australia and Italy.

    Take a moment here and see for yourself the transformational results that Impact 100 Indianapolis partnered in. You might decide that this is a program that your community needs! https://www.rocksteadyboxing.org/videos/



    Announcing WCGN Conference Host 2017! 


    Stay tuned for more news about March 2017 in Jacksonville, Florida 

    Did you miss the 2015 National Leadership Forum? 

    Special thanks to WCGN 2015 premier conference sponsor!


    Merrill Lynch is a proud supporter of the Women's Collective Giving Grantmakers Network.

    WCGN Board of Directors

    Dianne Chipps Bailey

    Women's Impact Fund (Charlotte, NC)

    Jenny Berg, Treasurer
    Impact 100 (Cincinnati, OH)

    Rebekah Bonde
    Impact Austin (Austin, TX)

    Dale Clifford
    Women's Giving Alliance (Jacksonville, FL) 

    Tracy Johnson 
    San Diego Women's Foundation (San Diego, CA) 

    Laura Midgley, Immediate past chair
    Washington Women's Foundation (Seattle, WA) and Wood River Women's Foundation (Ketchum, ID)

    Virginia Mills,Chair
    The Philanthropy Connection (Boston, MA) and Womenade (Boston, MA)

    Sue Priester
    Greenville Women Giving (Greenville, SC)

    Vicki SheehanSecretary
    Spirit of St. Louis Women's Fund  (St. Louis, MO)

    Susan Smith
    Idaho Women's Charitable Foundation (Boise, ID)

    Colleen Willoughby
    Washington Women's Foundation (Seattle, WA)

    Alison Wilson
    Washington Women's Foundation (Seattle, WA)

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