Women's Collective Giving Grantmakers Network

Follow these steps to your WCGN renew dues:

  1. The Bundle Administrator must log on.  (The invoice only shows up in her profile.) If you do not know who that is for your organization click here.
  2. Select "View Profile" in the upper right hand blue box.
  3. Unpaid dues will appear in our summary in a beige box "Membership renewal initiated, not paid yet." 
  4. Click on "View/Pay invoice"
  5. If payment will be completed online, select this option and fill our credit card information. 
  6. If payment by check is preferred, email us at info@wcgn-network.org for the WCGN Treasurer's mailing address. 
  7. NOTE: Dues are tax deductible if paid for by an individual and a gift to their organization (not reimbursed). You may request a tax receipt from the treasurer at info@wcgn-network.org.
Contact us • info@wcgn-network.org
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We support the creation, development, and expansion of women's collective giving nationwide.
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