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WCGN Newsletter November 2015

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November 2015

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It was only four weeks ago that almost 300 women were gathered in Charlotte for our 5th conference.  I was personally awe-struck by the positive energy and the "can do" attitude of the attendees. The growth in our membership and the number of attendees verifies that collective giving is a viable, attractive form of philanthropy for women.

Almost three-quarters of our member organizations were in attendance, if you weren't able to go, be sure to connect with those from your organization that did go so you can gain from the shared knowledge and networking they acquired.

WCGN and consequently your organization has received wonderful national and local press. Six articles have appeared in the Huffington Post regarding WCGN and/or the conference.  Three women from the WCGN, Colleen Willoughby, founder of Washington Women's Foundation, Seattle; Dianne Bailey, co-chair of the Leadership Forum Conference in Charlotte and I participated in a one hour talk show for the NPR affiliate in Charlotte, called "Charlotte Talks."

These and other media placements are available for you to download off the WCGN website.  I encourage you to review the press list and use them to further your own recruiting and publicity in your community.

 While it is impossible to summarize all that the conference offered, here are some "Aha" moments that I heard either in a session or speaking with fellow members.

"Commit to something in your community and love it for a lifetime."

"Charity and Philanthropy are 2 different things.  Charity is a response to an acute need or crisis, a request from a friend, religious institution, or college, for example.  You give,  but you don't know the particular impact of the gift.

"Philanthropy is a long term commitment, it is an investment in which you are seeking a solution to a problem.   You may not see results for some time, but your intent is to have impact."

"Women of WCGN practice philanthropy."

"We are not one ethnicity, age, religion or income level, but we have one passion—to make a difference in our communities, collectively."

"No matter where you are on the continuum of gaining philanthropic skills, this conference increases your confidence in how to do your work better."

Join us during our November webinar Tuesday, Nov 17th for some of the best takeaways from the conference in more detail.  I hope you can join us live or listen in at a later time.  As you know, all of our educational sessions are available 24/7 through our library.

Virginia Mills
WCGN Board Chair



Conference News

Download the Conference Program and Materials, which are available to all members here! 

Thank you to our co-chairs, speakers, and conference program planners.

Special thanks to WCGN 2015 premier conference sponsor

Announcing WCGN Conference Host 2017!

Stay tuned for more news about March 2017 in
Jacksonville, Florida


Monthly Programs

Don't miss November's Educational Program - Register here

Tues., November 17 from 9 - 10 a.m. PST / noon - 1 p.m. EST

Registration for the November 17 webinar is now open.  Remember, you must register in order to listen live!  Every one in your organization can register to listen! Registration instructions can be found in this newsletter and also on the websiteAnyone from a WCGN member organization can register here for a future or past webinar.

Those of you who attended the 2015 conference in Charlotte, NC, hosted by the Women's Impact Fund know how fabulous and well worth it the conference was – but you couldn't attend everything!  Those who weren't able to attend may be curious about what merits all their enthusiastic chatter.  This webinar will sample the highlights of the conference and spread some of the knowledge gained. 

Networking is powerful indeed when we are all together in one place, but the virtue of our network is that it also functions beautifully through webinars and newsletters!

And don't forget you can check out and download all the materials from the conference here!

"The Best of the Best: Highlights from the 2015 WCGN National Leadership Forum"

WCGN Program Co-chairs:

Dale Lothrop Clifford, Women's Giving Alliance, (Jacksonville, FL)

Sue Priester, Greenville Women Giving (Greenville, SC)


Spotlight Awards for Transformational Grantmaking

Congratulations to Impact 100 Cincinnati, winner of one of three Spotlight Awards for transformational grantmaking given out at WCGN’s national conference in Charlotte, NC in October.

Impact 100 Cincinnati was honored for a 2013 grant of $108,000 to Easter Seals TriState for “Building Value”, a workforce development program aimed at men and women with significant employment barriers.

By salvaging and selling building materials that might otherwise end up in a landfill, Building Value provided paid job training and real work experience in the construction and retail industries.

The Impact Cincinnati 100 grant made Building Value demolition services competitive with localfor-profit demolition companies. The grant also helped pay for heavy equipment such as dump trucks and excavators, as well as an outreach coordinator’s salary for 18 months. 

This multi-pronged grant investment exceeded a number of projected goals during the past two years, including:

  • n  Completion of 36 full structure deconstructions  -- 11 more than expected -- and 50 partial or “soft strip” projects. 
  • n  Execution of 175 lot abatement/reclamation projects -- only 50 to 75 were projected. Grant monies that paid for heavy equipment added up to a savings of $180/day – and much more competitive bidding!
  • n  Diversion of 900 tons of debris from local landfills for recycling or sale in a Building Value retail store, versus a goal of 150-500 tons. Building Value diverted a million pounds of concrete slated for a landfill from a single project alone. Instead the concrete was crushed and turned into road base for Cincinnati road projects.
  • n  Employment of 28 new associates, including 10 women.

Look for more inspiring examples of transformational grantmaking by our member organizations in upcoming WCGN newsletter.


    Call for WCGN Director Nominations

    WCGN values your input and service! 

    The WCGN Board Nominating Committee is seeking nominations for the WCGN Board of Directors terms beginning July 1, 2016. The Network is supported by a working board, currently 13 and growing to 15, which meets monthly virtually and once yearly in person in June.  All directors must be willing to support their own travel expenses or be sponsored by their organization. We are particularly interested in new directors who bring experience in technology, communications and public relations and those who can devote these skills and significant time to advancing the goals of our strategic plan. The criteria for board service are here. While WCGN is comprised of many past presidents/chairs of the members' boards, it is not a requirement to have held that top position. 

    If directorship is not the right fit for you now, consider joining a WCGN committee where you can make a significant contribution on a national level. The Membership, Program Planning, Technology and Communications Committees all welcome volunteers. 

    Please contact Laura Midgley, Nominating Committee Chair at lmidgley@wcgn-network.org with your interest in the WCGN Board of Directors and the committees. Nominations are due by November 30.


    Merrill Lynch is a proud supporter of the Women's Collective Giving Grantmakers Network.

    WCGN Board of Directors

    Dianne Chipps Bailey,
    WCGN National Leadership Forum 2015

    Women's Impact Fund
    (Charlotte, NC)

    Jenny Berg, Treasurer
    Impact 100 (Cincinnati, OH)

    Rebekah Bonde
    Impact Austin (Austin, TX)

    Dale Clifford
    Women's Giving Alliance (Jacksonville, FL) 

    Tracy Johnson 
    San Diego Women's Foundation (San Diego, CA) 

    Laura Midgley, Immediate past chair
    Washington Women's Foundation (Seattle, WA) and Wood River Women's Foundation (Ketchum, ID)

    Virginia Mills,Chair
    The Philanthropy Connection (Boston, MA) and Womenade (Boston, MA)

    Sonja Nichols, Co-chair WCGN National Leadership Forum 2015
    Women's Impact Fund (Charlotte, NC)

    Sue Priester
    Greenville Women Giving (Greenville, SC)

    Vicki Sheehan, Secretary
    Spirit of St. Louis Women's Fund  (St. Louis, MO)

    Susan Smith
    Idaho Women's Charitable Foundation (Boise, ID)

    Colleen Willoughby
    Washington Women's Foundation (Seattle, WA)

    Alison Wilson
    Washington Women's Foundation (Seattle, WA)


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