Women's Collective Giving Grantmakers Network

Board of Directors and Officers 2016-2017

Ellan Bernstein, Impact100 Philadelphia (Philadelphia, PA)

Jenny Berg, WCGN Vice Chair, Impact 100 (Cincinnati, OH) 

Rebekah Bonde, WCGN Treasurer, Impact Austin (Austin, TX)

Celia Canfield, Impact100 Sonoma (Sonoma, CA)

Dale Lothrop Clifford, Women's Giving Alliance (Jacksonville, FL)

Virginia (Ginny) Jarrett, Roanoke Women's Foundation (Roanoke, VA)

Paula Liang**, Women's Giving Alliance (Jacksonville, FL)

Laura Midgley*, WCGN Immediate Past Chair, Washington Women's Foundation (Seattle, WA) and Wood River Women's Foundation (Ketchum, ID)

Virginia Mills*, WCGN Chair, Womenade Boston and The Philanthropy Connection, (Boston, MA)

Sue Priester*Greenville Women Giving (Greenville, SC)

Vicki Sheehan*, WCGN Secretary, Spirit of St. Louis Women's Fund (St. Louis, MO)

Susan Smith*Idaho Women's Charitable Foundation (Boise, ID)

Colleen Willoughby*Washington Women's Foundation (Seattle, WA)

* indicates founding board member 

** indicates ex-officio member/conference co-chair

Nominating Committee 2016-2017

Laura Midgley, Committee Chair (WCGN Immediate Past Chair)
Virginia Mills (WCGN Chair) 
Jenny Berg (WCGN Vice Chair)
Mary Broach, at-large member (impact100 Philadelphia)
Maureen Romito, at-large member (Impact Las Vegas)

Please contact us with nominations for the 2017-2018 board! 
Criteria for board service is here

From left to right:

Front - Colleen Willoughby, Rebekah Bonde, Paula Liang, Virginia Mills, Jenny Berg

Back - Laura Midgley,Vicki Sheehan, Dale Clifford, Ellan Bernstein, Sue Priester, Susan Smith, Ginny Jarrett, Celia Canfield

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